What to Read: Elephant Books and Resources

Join us as we celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day www.ParadisePraises.com

Every year our family celebrates a quirky little holiday on September 22: National Elephant Appreciation Day. (You can find more quirky holidays in my ebook Everyday is a Holiday in the Paradise Praises Store or free when you subscribe.) Elephants are one of the most majestic and caring animals our Continue reading

Mexican Recipes for Mexico’s Birthday!

regional mexican recipes for Mexico Independence Day www.ParadisePraises.com

Another year has passed. Another year full of treasured memories in the country we have learned to love, and call home. Mexico celebrate’s her independence from Spain tomorrow, and we celebrate right along with her. If you’re planning your own fiesta, don’t forget to visit this post and download our Continue reading

How to Host a Cousin Camp

5 Tips for hosting Cousin Camp (Grandma Camp) www.ParadisePraises.com

With Grandparent’s Day this week, we’ve been talking a lot about grandparenting lately. This post is for grandparents, parents, grandkids and cousins alike. Anyone can host a cousin camp (also known as Grandma Camp). This summer when we were on furlough we hosted our very first cousin camp. We did Continue reading

What to Read: USA Historical Fiction Resources (Link Up)

books and resources for elementary historical fiction genre www.ParadisePraises.com

Last week on What to Read Wednesday, I shared some of our favorite historical biographies for kids. In our homeschool this year, we’re going through US history and I wanted to also share some of our favorite USA historical fiction resources. This is not an exhaustive list, by any means, Continue reading

Camping with Grandkids

Tips and inspiration for camping with grandkids, grandchildren, www.ParadisePraises.com

The smooth and gritty, but sweet taste of peanut butter and whipped cream will always remind me of my Grandparents and the huge peanut butter ice cream sundaes in fancy glass goblets that they let me order as a kid. Those hot dusty campout days were often followed by glorious Continue reading

How to be a Good Grandparent to Homeschoolers

Want to know what homeschoolers appreciate in grandparents? www.Paradisepraises.com

Recently, I asked several homeschool families for their feedback. What, in their opinions, are the best ways to be a good grandmotherĀ to homeschoolers (or grandfather). I am so excited to share with your a compilation of theirĀ responses! If you are the grandparent of homeschooled grandchildren, looking for ways to be Continue reading

What to Read: Kids Historical Biographies (Link Up & Free Printable)

Historical Biographies www.paradisepraises.com

A great way to inspire kids Something happens to us as children when we read about other children who shared similar experiences as a child and yet were able to do or accomplish great things. There is a spark of hope within us that ignites the fuel of motivation and Continue reading