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Care Packages for the Homeless

I am excited to start off our  Kids Doing Ministry Series today with “Care Packages for the Homeless” by Aadel Bussinger of These Temporary Tents.

One of the important attitudes that I try to example for my children is mercy. After Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, he emphasized that our neighbor is not based on where we live, or who we are comfortable with (Luke 10:25-37). A neighbor is anyone is need.

In that same dialogue, Jesus also commands us to be merciful to such people, for our ministry to them is a ministry to Christ himself (Matthew 25:35).

Care Packages For The Homeless

We have lived in several areas where we encounter the homeless almost on a daily basis. Usually we give them some cash, but I also wanted to show my girls how we could meet some of their most basic needs directly – in a very simple way.

We started making care packages filled with soap, snacks, and other essentials back when my oldest was just starting Kindergarten. It quickly became a family ministry and has worked well in each place we have lived.

Kids Doing Ministry

It’s a great way to get the kids involved, and it is relatively easy. They are involved in the process, and they get to witness compassion first-hand when the care packages are given out.

Over the years our packages have ranged in size and contents. We have used recycled grocery bags, ziploc baggies, and paper lunch sacks to fill. Clear ziploc bags (quart or gallon size) work best because they can see what it is you are giving them.

Kids Doing Ministry

Here are some items we like to include:

  • packs of crackers or cookies
  • drink mixes, tea bags
  • soap and washcloth
  • juice boxes
  • pouches or cans of tuna
  • toothbrush (travel size for smaller bags) and toothpaste

We like to keep an eye out at our dollar and grocery stores for items that could go in our packs. I like to include some kind of plastic utensil with food items that need it.

Kids Doing Ministry

Distributing The Bags

We prepare the bags as a family and store them near our door so we can grab some on our way out. I like to keep one or two bags in my car, purse, or stroller so we are prepared when we encounter someone in need.

Here in Seoul, we encounter some of the same people on our regular routes. We make an effort to find out what their individual needs are, and what they like so we can change the care package to suit them.

Kids Doing Ministry to Homeless

Sometimes we give out the packages and nothing more. At other times, I might give them some money or a hot meal or a bottle of drinking water bought on our walk. Of course if we know of a need for a larger item, such as clothing, we try to provide that.

Of course, we always wish we could do more for the poor, the hurt, and the needy that we meet. By actively showing love through our homeless care packages, I hope to inspire my children to show mercy to every neighbor.

Do you have a special way you inspire your kids to acts of mercy? Please share your ideas in the comments.

Kids doing ministry


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Author Note: Aadel Bussinger blogs about her nomadic, chaotic life at These Temporary Tents. She lives wherever the Army sends her husband and learns alongside her three awesome, unschooled kids (2 girls and a boy). Her greatest adventure though is following her Redeemer by faith.



  1. says

    These are so great. Thanks for being inspiring. I really want to do this with my boys. We don’t see a lot of homeless in our area, but maybe we need to gather supplies for the community shelter or the women’s shelter for domestic abuse.

    • Katie H. says

      Vanessa, gathering supplies for a community shelter is a great idea! Don’t forget about nursing homes, children’s wards in the hospital, and children’s homes too. There are SO many ways to reach out to others, and gain an entrance with them for the Gospel. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Carla Toth says

    Thanks for this great idea. I like the fact that you have got your children to pack this item and give to the homeless. We have so many around where we live. I think this is great, it doesn’t spoil and it can be used. Band- aides would be great too.