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Wordless Book Bracelets (with Free Printable)

What is a Wordless Book?

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Wordless. Book. The Wordless Book in an ingenious way to teach the simple Gospel message of salvation and eternal security by using colors. We have adapted the idea to make bracelets.

How to Make Wordless Book Bracelets via ParadisePraises.comdisclosureaffiliate

This post is part of our Kids Doing Ministry Series.

What you need: 

Round Pony Beads (1 of each color per bracelet)

  • Black – sin
  • Red – blood of Jesus
  • White – forgiveness
  • Purple – adoption & Royalty
  • Blue – baptism
  • Green – growth
  • Yellow – Heaven, eternity
  • Clear (optional)
  • 13-15 inches of black or brown Suede Leather Lace Cord
    (Leather works best because the beads won’t slip over the knots. But you can use ribbon or elastic.)
  • scissors to cut the cording

How to Make It:

Tie your first knot on the leather chord, add pony bead colors in order (except the clear bead) and tie a second knot. This can be tied around the wrist to make the bracelet.

To use the optional clear bead for a finer finish, thread the clear bead on one end of the chord. Thread the other end of the chord through it in the opposite direction. Tie knots in the ends of the chord. Pulling the knots in opposite directions will tighten the bracelet around the wrist.

How to Use It: 

The nice thing about bracelets is that you can wear them, taking  your Gospel telling tool wherever you go, much easier to keep track of than a book.

Working together with our children (ages 2-7) we made up about 100 of these in a few hours time and then took the to a busy park one afternoon to give away to anyone who wanted one along with a tract or piece of paper explaining the meaning of the colors, and how you can KNOW that you have eternal life.

It was a great craft to do together, and even greater to see my kids excited about sharing the Gospel with others. We finished giving them all out in about 30 minutes and wished we had made more!

Download a free printable of the Wordless Book Gospel to include with your bracelets. (Click here for Spanish version.)

Read the History and get directions for making your own Wordless Book.

Other ideas for using colors to present the Gospel.

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  1. Michelle Grazor says

    Hi! Our church will be serving neighborhood kids this weekend and making wordless bracelets with them. Neither the English nor Spanish printable links on this page seem to be working. If you have a minute, I’d love to have access to those. Thanks! Blessings!

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