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30 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Season

It’s rainy season here in southern Mexico. That means rain, every day, and lots of it. Here are a few of the rainy day activities for kids that we do and recommend to help kids (and parents) keep from going crazy indoors on a wet day. Enjoy!

Rainy Day Fun

    • Play Uno
    • Play Pictionary
    • Play Hide and Seek
    • Play Dress Up
    • Reinact a story (or a movie or cartoon)
    • Have a pic-nic UNDER the dining room table
    • Make cookies
    • Do a craft (like this ribbon barrette)
    • Read books (click here for a list of some of our favorites)
    • Listen to an adventure drama (Patch the Pirate, or Your Story Hour)
    • Record your own story hour or radio show
    • Make sock puppets
    • Build towers and castles and forts with Jenga
    • Use sheets and blankets to build a tent
    • Play Legos

Do you have other rainy day activities for kids that your family enjoys? We’re always looking for new ideas to shake things up a bit. Please leave us your suggestions in the comments.

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    • Katie Hornor says

      Thanks Jennifer! So glad it was helpful! We have a lot of fun at our house with several of these.

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