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How to Make a Wordless Book (with FREE Printable)

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Are you looking for a simple yet powerful Gospel craft to do with your children or grandchildren.  Perhaps your Sunday school class or Vacation Bible School or kids camp? Let me walk you through how to make a Wordless Book.

How to Make a Wordless Book via

What you need:

Construction paper or felt squares 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches (1 of each color per book)

  • Black – sin
  • Red – blood of Jesus
  • White – forgiveness
  • Purple – adoption & Royalty
  • Blue – baptism
  • Green – growth
  • Yellow – Heaven, eternity
  • Clear (optional – this could be a clear plastic square)
  • staples and a stapler (for a paper book) or needles and thread (for a felt book) Another option for binding is to punch a hole in one corner of each square and use a 1 inch Metal Book Rings or a ribbon to bind them into a flip chart type book.

How to make a Wordless Book:How to Make a Wordless Book

Cut your 2.5 inch squares of each color and put the colored squares in order.

For paper books, put one to two staples along one edge to bind papers together (or use the hole and Metal Book Rings/ ribbon option).

For felt books, sew through all thicknesses along one edge to bind felt pieces together.

What to do with it:

These are great to make as a Vacation Bible School craft having explained the plan of salvation prior to the craft. You can also use them in conjunction with a Gospel tract to give out at an event or during your witnessing/ visitation time.

Working together as a team of just 2 or 3 people you could easily make up a couple hundred of these in a few hours time. This would also be a great way to bless a missionary – make up several hundred and mail them to the missionary to use in their ministry. Or make up ready made kits for them to use in a Vacation Bible School.

If you’re giving away the wordless book you’ll want to be sure and download this free printable of the Wordless Book Gospel to include with your books. (Click here for Spanish version.)

Other variations are Wordless Book bracelets and Wordless Book Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Stay tuned for How to Share the Gospel Using the Wordless Book!




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