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31 Days of Homeschool Spanish

31 Days of Homeschool Spanish at

Welcome to 31 Days of Homeschool Spanish!

This  series ran on Paradise Praises from July 1 to 31, 2015. Below you will find tips, activities, free printables, mobile aps, Dilo Conmigo exclusive video clips (created in house!), and product recommendations, for teaching and learning Spanish in your home or homeschool.

Here are the Links to our Posts:

And these are our NEW Spanish for Kids Videos: Dilo Conmigo

Dilo Conmigo: Free Spanish Videos for Kids (Sharks & Shark Week) via

Dilo Conmigo: Tiburones (Learning Spanish video and printables)

Dilo Conmigo: Que hora es? Free spanish videos from

Dilo Conmigo: ¿Qué Hora Es? (Video)

Dilo Conmigo: Es mi Maestra Free spanish videos for kids at

Dilo Conmigo: Es mi Maestra (Video)

Dilo Conmigo: Free Spanish Videos for Kids, episode of the Pirates! via

Dilo Conmigo: Soy un Pirata (Video)

Dilo Conmigo: Hace Calor Free Spanish Videos for Kids at

Dilo Conmigo: Hace Calor (Video)

Brincando: Jumping (in Spanish) Free videos for learning Spanish at

Dilo Conmigo: Brincando (Video)

run and fall: Learn Spanish Vocab with this Video for kids via

Dilo Conmigo: Run and Fall (Spanish Vocab Video)


Dilo Conmigo: That’s a Problem! (Video)

Dilo Conmigo: Free Spanish learning Videos for Kids via Paradise

Dilo Conmigo: El Vende Pan (Video)

Dilo Conmigo: the bride of the sea. Free Spanish videos for kids via

Dilo Conmigo: la Novia del Mar (Video)

Dilo Conmigo, Free Spanish Learning videos for kids via

Dilo Conmigo: El Fuerte y Fuerte (Video)

Dilo Conmigo: vamos a jugar - Free Spanish videos for kids at

Dilo Conmigo: Vamos a Jugar (Video)

Dilo conmigo Spanish for kids at

Dilo Conmigo! Spanish for Kids Video Series

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Lemonhass - materiales para la educacion en el hogar, en español

Other New 31 Days of Homeschooling Series:

Are you looking for more homeschooling tips? Well, this is a great place to find them! There are 26 homeschooling bloggers, who came together to provide our readers with 31 days of homeschooling tips, touching on 26 different topics. That’s over 750 tips total!

31 Days of Homeschooling Tips for Moms

I encourage you to take your time on these 26 topics chosen to inspire, encourage and empower our homeschooling readers. We would love to have you pin the posts that inspire you, share the series that encourage you, and pass along these 31 day series to empower those you know who could benefit from them.

We all need homeschooling inspiration from time to time, right?

The hostesses of these topics have formed a Facebook group inspired by this series, where we will provide addition homeschooling tips in addition to what is included in these series. We would love for you to join us!

Allow me to introduce you to the series offered in this 31 days of homeschooling tips for moms, and get you started in a month full of new ideas, sparked interests and helpful tips that can make a difference in your homeschooling year.