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About Katie Hornor

I believe that what God has brought you through has shaped you, but it does not define you.  Each day is a fresh start and new opportunity to seek the praiseworthy. At Paradise Praises, my goal is to inspire you to live exceptionally and praise intentionally. Won’t you join me as we journey this life of intentional praise together?
Katie Hornor

I’m Katie Hornor and I am a gluten-free eating, essential-oil using, homeschooling mom of 5 wonderful, crazy kids.

Realizing that mommy sets the tone for praise or for poverty in my home has made a huge difference in how I face each day. When I am filled with praise and actively seeking the praiseworthy things, the whole atmosphere of our home changes for the better.

Sometimes it’s hard to have a heart of praise when we struggle under the mess that life throws at us, and quite often, given our circumstances, no one would blame us for complaining… At Paradise Praises I write to inspire you to be the exception and to cultivate a heart of praise through those difficult circumstances & situations…. I share from my heart what God has taught me through my own messy life experiences and through His faithful Word.

As a friend and subscriber of Paradise Praises, you can expect to receive a note a each week encouraging you to choose praise on purpose and sharing with you a resource that I feel is praiseworthy and would be a great tool for or you and your family.

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More About Me:

I imagine myself to be the proud owner of a pet elephant who paints, and a librarian of a ginormous library (see the ones that inspire me here!). But in real life, I am daughter by adoption to the King of Heaven and the best friend, traveling and learning companion, and lover to my missionary husband, Hero, since 2003.

I am also mother, cook, story teller, housecleaner, nurse, cuddler and teacher to five wonderful children whom we call (L to R) Taz, Sir, Flower, Butterfly, & Sonshine (in Mommy’s arms) Read what I love about each of them here.

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On the business end, I am an author, coach and a bilingual speaker with a passion for encouraging people in their God-given roles, and for promoting entrepreneurship and the Christian homeschool movement in the Spanish speaking world. These businesses allow us to fulfill God’s call of raising our children overseas as an expat familydoing mission work, and home educating from a little town by the sea in tropical Mexico.

Our other businesses:

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Our homeschool style is about as eclectic as our schedule and we’d prefer to do math while climbing local Mayan ruins or to find our science lesson in a cenote. Books are key, but education is a way of life.

Still want to know more? Here are a few of the other things I love:

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